Policy Development

dreamstime_m_1809351I don’t think that developing a policy is the answer to every problem. In fact, I’d generally say that the fewer HR policies an employer has the better. But some policies are unavoidable and some are simply a good idea.

If you are going to have a policy though, it needs to be concise, readable and practical. It has to suit the employer and also the employees who are to be guided by it. Too many polices are simply downloaded from the internet or (which is worse) written by committee. The result is an unwieldy document that doesn’t seem to fit with the culture of the organisation and ends up being ignored.

If you need a new HR policy (and think carefully about whether you really do) then I can help develop something that will genuinely work for you. The new policy will help minimise your legal risk and provide maximum clarity for employees. I can also help with the process of introducing the policy – including training for managers and staff and the provision of supporting materials.

As a taster, here is a disciplinary procedure I’ve written. Enjoy.

Sample Disciplinary Procedure