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In-house training can provide incredible value for your organisation. I can spend a full day or more with those people who you need to understand more about employment law - whether they are line managers who need to know the basics or subject experts who would benefit from the latest updates or an in-depth session on a more complex issue. 


All of my training is tailored to the needs of the client and gives every attendee the chance to participate, ask questions and discuss current issues. 


All courses can also be delivered in webinar format. I can cover anything based on UK employment law and I'm always happy to mix and match topics to suit your needs. 


Popular courses include:


Employment Law Update

Employment law is a fast-moving subject with new case law and legislation coming through all year. But an update is about more than just a list of new court decisions. Its an opportunity to reflect on the issues that most affect your organisation and look at how the most recent cases help you approach them. Each case we discuss is a jumping off point to discuss how you would deal with a similar issue. There are lessons to be learned from the stories of other employers who have found themselves being taken to Tribunal. An employment law update is a great way of identifying those lessons and thinking about what you can learn from them.  


Employment Law for line managers

This interactive and practical course looks at how employment law impacts on the role of a line manager. If focuses on key employment rights and looks at how a manager's actions can affect the liability of the employer. It also emphasises what managers are entitled to expect from employees in their team and explores the boundaries of what is or is not a reasonable request for a manager to make. There is plenty of opportunity for lively questions and debate throughout.


Conducting Investigations

This is a course for managers who may be asked to conduct disciplinary investigations. It explains what makes a fair investigation - and why that matters. It also looks the process of investigating alleged misconduct and outlines a methodical approach that is both fair and effective. We cover: interviewing witnesses, gathering evidence (including from social media), producing investigation reports data protection and privacy issues, and dealing with employees who raise a grievance or are too ill to participate. 


Disciplinary hearings

This course is designed to help those who may be asked to chair disciplinary hearings and make decisions about disciplinary sanctions that may affect employees. It is a practical and interactive course dealing not only with the legal requirements of a fair disciplinary hearing, but also looking at useful techniques in handling a disciplinary hearing effectively. The course provides an opportunity for those with experience of chairing disciplinaries to further develop their knowledge and skills; and for those new to the chairing role to gain practical advice and discuss and share common issues with colleagues.


Disability Discrimination

Probably the fastest moving area of employment law today is disability discrimination. Everything about it, from the definition of disability to the scope of the duty to make reasonable adjustments is contentious and complicated. In this course we chart a practical path to compliance. Without getting bogged down in academic argument we at the key things to consider in considering disability with a particular emphasis on long-term sickness and mental health issues. How can an employer accommodate the different needs of employees while still maintaining business efficiency?  



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You should get about one update per month - with the occasional emergency update when there is something fun happening. I'll also keep you up to date with webinars and other things I am up to.





If there is something that you think I can help you with, then please get in touch.