Employment Law for Line Managers


This interactive and practical course looks at how employment law impacts on the role of a line manager. If focuses on key employment rights and looks at how a manager’s actions can affect the liability of the employer. It also emphasises what managers are entitled to expect from employees in their team and explores the boundaries of what is or is not a reasonable request for a manager to make. There will be plenty of opportunities for lively questions and debate throughout.

Course Outline

Welcome and introduction

  • Why employment law matters

The contract of employment

  • The key duties of employer and employee
  • Flexibility and change
  • ‘it’s not in my job description’ – when that matters, and when it doesn’t
  • Reasonable instructions


  • Dealing with low-level misconduct
  • Misconduct and gross misconduct
  • Fair investigations
  • Fair hearings

Dealing with poor performance

  • The importance of prompt feedback
  • Setting appropriate standards
  • Removing barriers to success
  • Opportunities for improvement

Handling Grievances

  • The right to raise a grievance
  • Handling issues informally
  • What to expect from a grievance process

Equality and discrimination

  • The scope of discrimination law – protected characteristics
  • Direct and indirect discrimination
  • Disability and the duty to make reasonable adjustments

Bullying and harassment

  • What is bullying?
  • Defining harassment
  • Distinguishing harassment from ‘banter’
  • Dealing with complaints

Acting Reasonably

  • Transparency
  • Consistency
  • Proportionality

Final reflections and close of course