Bitesize Employment Law

bitesizeThese sessions give you a one-hour burst of employment law looking at the key issue of your choice. They can be targeted at managers and HR professionals of any level and are perfect for a working lunch or breakfast briefing. They also make ideal conference sessions as part of a larger event. They can provide a clear and concise update for staff dealing with a particular problem or help clarify your thinking on key strategic issues affecting your business. Whether you need something provocative and thought-provoking or focussed and practical, one of these sessions can be a really cost-effective way of moving things forward.

Here are some suggestions of the sort of topics we might cover – but feel free to come up with your own or contact me to discuss what might work with your organisation.

Controlling legal costs

Defending employment tribunal claims can be expensive – but there is plenty that businesses can do to manage costs and keep them proportionate to the risk posed by the claim. This session gives practical tips on keeping legal costs under control.

Changing terms and conditions

The changing world of work means that employers will from time to time need to change the terms on which employees work. But since employment is based on a legally binding contract, there is more to this than simply announcing a change. This session takes you through the stages of changing terms and conditions, from express agreement,  through the use and abuse of flexibility clauses and ultimately to termination and reengagement.

Demystifying TUPE

Transfer of undertakings is a notoriously difficult area of employment law. But once you understand the underlying principles of TUPE, it can suddenly make a lot more sense. This session makes TUPE accessible and helps you get to grips with this key strategic issue.


Workers enjoy special protection from detriment or dismissal if they have made a public interest disclose. This session helps you identify whistleblowing allegations and sets out practical ways of ensuring that whistleblowers are recognised and treated fairly.

Disability – making reasonable adjustments

One of the most difficult areas in employment law is judging just what amounts to a ‘reasonable adjustment’. This sessions looks at the latest case law and sets out practical steps that employers can take to keep on the right side of the law.

Managing employment law risk

Employment law is not a minefield! The risk in a minefield is random – you never know where the danger lies. But in employment law you can understand the situations that give rise to employment law risk and take action. This session helps you make strategic decisions about managing employment law risk.