Explaining employment law: training, writing and consultancy

WIN_20200427_09_28_21_Pro (2)For more than 25 years now I have been explaining employment law to managers, HR professionals and lawyers. I aim to make sense of what can be a complicated subject and help you feel more confident in managing employment law risk. I hope that I can give you a fresh perspective on the subject.

Whether you need a general update for your HR team, in-depth training for experienced employment lawyers or a practical session for line managers, I can put together a bespoke programme for you that can help you take control of the employment law issues that you deal with every day.

In normal times my work takes me around the country and beyond. I regularly work with major local authorities, Government bodies and businesses to deliver training on the full range of employment law topics from discipline and dismissal, through discrimination, equal pwebcamay and TUPE.  I make sure that every session is bang-up to date, carefully tailored for my audience – and entertaining!

Obviously the lockdown means that gathering a team into one room to talk about employment law is not currently an option. But I can also provide a bespoke webinar service providing really focussed and genuinely interactive employment law training to colleagues working from home.

This site explains more about what I do. To stay up to date I hope you’ll sign up to the newsletter – and also find time to read some of my blogposts – or even listen to a podcast. If there is something that you think I can help you with, then please get in touch.